About Moi

Bestfoot4wardblog highlights the ups and downs, the horizontals, the inside outs, and the upside downs of the many facets of life. There are articles about CMT or Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, an inherited and progressive nerve disease (but neither my husband nor I have it). Yohan, now 29 years old, was diagnosed with CMT1A when he was 7. His CMT is caused by a spontaneous genetic mutation.

I initially started this blog as a way of sharing the very real experiences of living with CMT, including CMT foot reconstruction surgery, perceived differences, teaching kids about CMT, CMT awareness, CMT fundraising with the Cycle 4 CMT and our CMT 4 Me podcast….you get it – all things CMT!

Along the way, I added stories of my friends, who live alongside this insidious disease, without letting it swallow them up whole. I call them, “The Much Admired.”  I’ve also included stories revealing many of my own issues, including living and dealing with chronic foot pain for the past 30 years – half my life.   Craziness!

In 2021, I was certified as a bona fide Life Coach under the guidance of my mentor and Rise 2 Realise founder, Arda Ozdemir. It’s never too late to change or find true happiness, and for the first time in my life, I am discovering my authentic self and helping others along the way. I love coaching. It’s in my blood.

And when I’m not volunteering at the CMTA, I’m with my horse,  Cantaro, my hairless cats, Luna and Tsuki, playing with my friends’ dogs or any other animal who enjoys love, attention and playtime! Training animals has always been a passion, and I believe that with patience and the right tools (clicker and treats), animals can learn to do just about anything. They are truly superior being in so many ways!

Thank you for reading. I am grateful for your time and feedback.

Elizabeth M. Ouellette



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