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In 2001, François Côté, an avid and life-long athlete had a serious snowmobile accident which changed the course of his existence. Breaking both of his legs and knees, he suffered permanent damage in the form of left-sided “foot drop” or the inability to lift the front part of the foot upwards.


This condition causes the individual to drag the toes and front of the foot while walking. To compensate for this dragging, the person will bend the knee to lift the foot higher than in a normal stride (high steppage gait). Walking then requires a lot of effort and concentration and consequently becomes, over time, uncomfortable and exhausting, generating pain in the pelvis and back.

Drawing on his mechanical engineering background, François was determined to find a way to remain active and mobile. So, he hunkered down in his garage and made many prototypes (28 to be exact) before coming up with the current Turbomed design.

With the help of orthotist, Stéphane Savard, the Turbomed was perfected and put on the market in 2015.

Below, you will see how this uniquely external brace works. Made from a highly durable thermoplastic, this AFO (ankle-foot orthosis)  attaches to the outside of a patient’s footwear.


The unique design of the FS3000 brace acts as an exoskeleton to the impaired limb, helping to improve the patient’s function without discomfort or rubbing. The FS3000 brace does not prevent ankle plantar flexion or limit dorsi­flexion.




This makes it easier for patients to walk and run on slopes, stairs, and uneven surfaces.

This brace is interchangeable and can be used on a variety of different shoes.

Many people with CMT have found this brace to be life-changing. For example, James Cuizon.  world-class physically challenged triathlete has CMT. Before he got his TurboMed braces, he was breaking a pair of carbon fiber AFOs about every six months. He is now a  TurboMed-sponsored athlete and says the braces, which he calls the best he has ever used, appear to be virtually indestructible. The company offers a two-year warranty and a 100 percent refund if returned within two months (www.turbomedorthotics.com).

James Cuizon

When I last spoke with Stéphane about the Turbomeds a couple of months ago (great guy, by the way) , he told me that TurboMed’s Facebook Page was started by TurboMed wearers, called TurboMeders.  Turbomed Foot Drop Club can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TurbomedFootDropClub/

Lastly, a TurboMed brace is about $900. Some insurances companies are covering them and according to TurboMed reps, the price is the same or similar to any carbon fiber AFO…and probably half the price of a custom-made plastic or carbon fiber AFO.

Available for kids and adults!


HELIOS® Braces

by Mitch Warner, CPO

The Helios® orthosis is a custom made energy storing carbon fiber AFO. The Helios® provides balance, stability, and a more natural gait pattern.  Utilizing triplanar control*, dynamic response*, and floor reaction*, these corrective forces stabilize the foot and ankle to give standing and walking stability that is necessary for normal walking that many people with CMT lack.

Utilizing the most cutting-edge materials for the Helios® orthosis, we can provide true energy return through dynamic response.  This energy return will help spring you forward, and help you walk with less fatigue, enabling you to live your best life.

Listen to Stacy’s experience:

Being a custom made orthosis, the Helios® is made to fit you properly, be strong enough for your lifestyle, and addresses your specific needs and concerns.  No two Helios® orthoses are alike.  There are different models and configurations of the Helios® orthosis depending on the needs of the patient.  The appointment is usually 5-days (Monday through Friday), and this includes evaluation, casting, diagnostic brace fitting, and final carbon brace fitting.  Our custom made diagnostic braces are actual permanent style AFOs that we use for diagnostic evaluation. You will finish your appointment with final adjustments and your new brace.  We verify that the brace fits you properly, you can use it properly, and that it is giving you the most progressive fit and function.



The Helios® orthosis, because it is custom made for your specific needs/combination of needs, is beneficial in helping a variety of problems such as;

  • Footdrop
  • Eversion/inversion
  • Pes cavus/pes planus
  • Hip-hiking
  • Knee hyperextension/quadriceps weakness
  • Strength loss
  • Balance instability
  • Fatigue


These problems can be caused by a variety of diagnoses;

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Stroke


The Helios® orthosis has a unique patent for balance control combined with energy return.  Our current Helios® models include the Helios® E/I, Helios GX®, and the Helios® KAFO.  We are the originators of the Double Helix™ AFO which uses anterior and posterior dynamic response struts.  A CMT Study with the Helios® has been published in the Journal of Gait & Posture.

To determine if the Helios® orthosis would help you, we ask you to send us video according to the instructions we can provide to you.  Once we view your video, we determine if the Helios® orthosis will help you and we provide you with a realistic expectation of what we can do for you.

  • Dynamic Response: Energy storing uprights in the Helios® that compress during patient loading and then performs like a spring with a dynamic response to propel the lower limb forward.
  • *Floor Reaction: Helps control frontal plane stability while the foot is on the floor, by transmitting stabilizing forces of the orthoses below the knee.  This provides balance in conjunction with the Helios® footplate that is engineered for balance control.
  • *Triplanar Control: The patient’s foot and ankle have corrective forces applied in all 3 planes of movement.  Dropfoot, foot deformity, and joint collapse, create deviations in all 3 planes of movement that need to be corrected and controlled, to prevent further deformity and loss of balance and function.
  1. Frontal Plane
  2. Sagittal Plane
  3. Transverse Plane

frontal (2)

These 3 planes of movement, Triplanar, occur in the Ankle Joint, Subtalar Joint, and Midtarsal Joint.

The cost for a pair of Helios® braces is right around 13,800, but is dependent on the level of correction needed, and what type of device is being custom fabricated.

We do not accept insurance, but will bill your insurance for you after your visit is completed.

Give us a call or email us to see if the Helios® orthosis can help you.


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