Home For the Holidays – The Story of a True Life Adoption

Her parents passed all the tests with flying colors and were deemed to be fit and loving. The arrival date was only 2 weeks away – just 2 weeks! So little time to prepare for the new little one  – and right before the holidays, too – the best Christmas present ever!

I melted when I first laid eyes upon her – cute, energetic, friendly, outgoing and smart. But, she didn’t really look Tawainese. In fact, she did not look Asian….at all!  First of all, she was black and had huge brown eyes.  She understood a few English words and was not the least bit shy. I wondered who her parents were and how she came to this world. Whatever. In the end, it didn’t matter – she was now in a stable home with grateful and loving parents, relatives and friends.

Just last week, I offered to take her to the park for the morning. Now, it’s been a long while since I’ve had to care for a youngster, and I must admit feeling a tad bit nervous. With her bag chocked full of snacks, drinks, toys, etc, we headed to the playground. I lifted her into the back seat, strapped her in, and heard not a peep the entire ride.


“We are here!” I sang merrily. Once out of the car, she could not wait to join her friends in the yard. In fact, she was so excited, she darted for the playground, practically pulling my arm out of its socket. Once in the fenced-off area, I let go and she ran and played for well over an hour, pausing only to take a sip of water here and there. We had so much fun!!


Here is a picture of Shelby:


Isn’t she adorable?








Shelby – Learning To Use the Equipment!