Thank You for your Contribution….You Put the Spring Back Into My Step!


4 Incredible Cycling Routes


cycle 1


Don’t Cycle? Then Walk 4 CMT




Enjoy Cycling?  Relish views of the mountains and Lake Champlain? Fond of quaint VT towns? If so, check out the Cycle 4 CMT Cycling Routes!

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cycle 5

Take on our longest and most challenging route, 41 miles and 2,800′ of climbing.  Views of Lake Champlain, Adirondack and Green Mountains

cycle 2

Our second longest distance at 25 miles; plenty of distance with less climbing.  Still a challenge.

Take a calm, cool, cruise around Charlotte. 15 Miles.

cycle 4

Shorter distance with breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks – our 6.5 Mile Route.

cycle 3

Learn More About the Route Options Here

Walk 4 CMT: And this year, we have a new activity planned if you don’t cycle. Now, everyone can participate in raising funds for CMT. Sign up to do a mile walk on the grounds of the Old Lantern. Every step brings us closer to a treatment.


A Message from Yohan

cycle 6
Thanks for reading my story!

Cast is off! Walking boot is on, and I can start putting pressure on that foot next week. I’ve never had the energy to be super athletic. So just walking, one foot in front of the other is my end goal. And short distances are fine. I don’t need to climb Camel’s Hump or Mount Mansfield Ultimately, if  I can walk up Church Street once my foot heals, I’ll be so happy. Please continue to donate to my cause, which is now our cause. Your support has lifted my spirits when a bad day comes along. Your caring keeps me hopeful. Your participation reminds me that I can never give up. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I will not let you down.

With Love,


Why We Need Your Help

Your contributions really are getting us closer to stopping the progression of CMT.  Please participate and register for the 4th annual Cycle 4 CMT. And bring a friend or two!

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Photo credits: George Ouellette

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