SECRETS: Jeana Sweeney

Thanks to everyone who gave to my Facebook Birthday Wish!! ! So far, I’ve raised $1,900 for the CMTA and that money will be doubled!!!

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Again, any amount is welcome and since I turned 57, I asked for donations that have to do with 5 and 7! $5, $7, $57, 5X7 – $35, 5+7 – $12…….you get the gist!

As promised, since I reached my initial goal of 1,570 (I turned 57 on December 18) I promised dirt on our beloved Jeana Sweeney and I will not let you down!! Ready? Set? Go!

As promised, since I reached my initial goal of 1,570 (I turned 57 on December 18) I promised dirt on our beloved Jeana Sweeney and I will not let you down!! Ready? Set? Go!

  1. Likes to play mean April Fools jokes
  2. Her husband, Chris, has a twin.
  3. She dressed up in a sexy turtle costume for Cooterfest in Floridaundefined
  4. Has been known to eat M & M’s before bed.
  5. Drinks coffee 24/7.
  6. Likes fishing.
  7. Loves scary movies.
  8. When her kids have any problems or injuries, she says, Take a sip of water, babe.” And it works! The tears dry up, the mood lifts and the day is bright again!
  9. She’s math-challenged, like me.
  10. Jeana hates my cat, Tortellini.
  11. My cat Tortellini told me, “The feeling is mutual.” undefined
  12. She hikes in flip flops.
  13. She will not wear athletic shoes.
  14. She has street smarts.
  15. She uses the word, SLIPPY
  16. Has a BIG face.
  17. Her pinky toes are extra tiny and boneless.
  18. Her biceps are bigger than my thigh!
  19. She loves to throw blue chalk in her campers’ faces.
  20. She belongs to a stock club.
  21. She’s massively competitive.
  22. She dances in public.
  23. She drives like a Nascar driver.
  24. She’s a wonderful host – the hostest with the mostest.
  25. She scratches her ears a lot.
  26. Frugality is her middle name
  27. She rarely eats junk food.
  28. She sings at the top of her lungs, even if she does not know the words.
  29. She always dances like no one is watching, even if people are watching. undefined
  30. She was featured in and on the cover of Johnstown Magazine, Most Beautiful People issue.
  31. Favorite food? Ketchup – with a little bit of hamburger.
  32. Had Lasik eye surgery.
  33. When Jeana gives a presentation, Staples runs out of note cards.
  34. One year, she went to a CMTA event in Italy, right in the middle of CMT awareness month! Guess who covered? Me, of course!
  35. She loves the website:
  36. She created and published the Archie the Turtle Cookbook in the space of about 2 months. Impressive work.
  37. She rarely follows through on bets she loses. Don’t make a bet with her!!
  38. She dressed up as a foot and tried to get on TV in New York City.
  39. Jeana whitens her teeth.
  40. After saying good-night to her girls, she always says,”I’ll see your tiny hinney in the morning!”
  41. She secretly likes cream soda.
  42. After every phone call with her girls, she always says, “I love you.”
  43. She rarely watches television.
  44. She ended up in the ER one week after a spider bit her on her side. The swelling and pain were tremendous. She survived…barely.
  45. She thinks she was involved with CMTA before me, but she wasn’t. Hogwash.
  46. Campers from Camp Footprint sent her 20+ potatoes through the postal service!
  47. She met Ricky Martin, in an elevator in 2010! undefined
  48. Many people try to claim responsibility for discovering Jeana. I believe the winner is J.D Griffith from Johnstown, PA. undefined
  49. She has a BIG face.
  50. She leaves her clothes in her suitcase when she travels.
  51. She spent her only free day in Sedona,  Arizona looking for a vortex. Never found one. 😦 undefined
  52. She thinks the world is flat (Just kidding).
  53. She’s tough. She hauled a deer off the road after she and the deer collided. And she had kids in the car!
  54. Before CMTA, she was a rising star at her local Credit Union.
  55. Her husband calls her, “Weenie” (pet nickname).
  56. She met Catwoman (Julie Newmar) for couch talk and another time for lunch. She loved Jeana’s stylin’ pants!
  57. She’s a hard worker, embracing CMT work with her heart and soul. Who else would listen to me when I told her she absolutely needed to be on an important conference call? She said, “But I’m having surgery that morning and will be out of it because of the pain meds.” I said, “ Just put the phone up to your ear and listen. Don’t talk.” Then she told me what I could do with my phone and where to put it! Now that’s the Jeana we all know and love!

6 thoughts on “SECRETS: Jeana Sweeney

  1. John White December 23, 2019 / 5:42 PM

    Awesome revelations. Especially 7 and 29. Now Jeana, the dirt on Elizabeth. We’re holding our breath.


  2. George Ouellette December 23, 2019 / 5:54 PM

    All right Big J !
    You are an amazing advocate for CMTA!
    I’m not that fond of cats either. Give me a dog anytime! 😂


  3. Dawn Perry December 23, 2019 / 9:52 PM

    I couldn’t possibly love this “dirt” anymore & Liam had quite the chuckle too! He did get a little weirded out when I showed him the picture of Tortellini, but that was probably the first time he’s seen a hairless cat!? And, he did agree to the fact that Jeana loves to throw blue chalk at her campers!!! Way to keep us in the loop, Elizabeth ~ 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    • bestfootforwardweb December 23, 2019 / 10:30 PM

      Yep Tortellini does have that effect on people! But, you get used to the furless babies and they even look kind of cute after a while… ok I tend to think so!! Thanks for commenting. This was fun!! Xoxo


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